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The Pietro Porcinai ONLUS Association is based in Fiesole, via Bandini 15, and is housed within Pietro Porcinai Archive in that same place, Villa Rondinelli in San Domenico di Fiesole, that was the last established place of Pietro Porcinai’s Landscaping firm. The same office had been destined by Porcinai to become a specialization landscape school.

The archive collects and stores all the drawings and the written documents concerning more than 1200 projects signed by Porcinai , the vast majority of which has been realized.

However the intense work done by the Italian landscaper both in Italy and abroad is testified not only by the projects but also by his library, by his correspondence and written pages finalized to conferences,  Art.s, several publications and activities in defence of the Italian landscape and for a new cultivated landscape culture diffusion in Italy. The several projects documentary corpus, from the preparatory material to the photographic campaigns, from the technical documentation to the correspondence, shows to date this living relationship between Porcinai and the culture and society of his time.

The Porcinai Archive, waiting for an appropriate cataloguing and restauration, as well as a proper conservation in adequate premises, has been declared of cultural interest in 1997. It is therefore currently under the existing safeguard rules for Private Archives. The Tuscan Superintendence, in agreement with Porcinai’s heirs,  authorizes the Archive for consultation by scholars from all over the world.

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