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·       To allow Pietro Porcinai’s person and work to be known;

·       To promote actions aimed at making notorious the man and the knowledge, protection and valorization of his works, and also the documentary material, testifying both his professional and cultural activity;

·       To promote cataloguing and protection of his realized works in Italy and abroad, also by demands for declaration of cultural interest.

·       To monitor, in agreement with the competent authorities involved, so that the works of the Florentine Landscape Architect are not tampered with by incongruous or destructive restauration interventions and that the landscape contexts in which they’re inserted may be safeguarded.




The many activities in which the Association is involved with, both independently and in partnership with cultural institutions, local authorities and any person concerned with its purposes in national and international contexts are related to several points:


·      Cataloguing and preservation of Pietro Porcinai’s realized projects both in Italy and abroad, in particular cataloguing and restoration of the many drawings and documents from the Porcinai Archive.

·      Studies and research, in close contact with scholars, cultural institutions and universities aimed at the depth of Pietro Porcinai’s person and the type of care and maintenance of his work. 

·      Publishing and cultural initiatives relating to monographies, thematic areas, open questions beginning with the accomplishment of this Italian Landscaper’s written pages and realized projects.

·      Exhibiting and community meeting, initiatives for promoting finalized to raise public awareness, training courses and visits for study purposes.

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